Emmanuele Korneliusen 

If a simple garage in Palo Alto, California, can claim to be the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Then surely, this humble dwelling, In the West-Greenland Village of Igdlorssuit, could legitimately stake a similar claim to being the birthplace of modern sea kayaking and the gentleman pictured, Emmanuele Korneliusen, one of its architects

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A two or three piece.

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The Original Valley Sea Kayak.

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Flagship expedition-style. 

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Our shortest sea-kayak.

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Fastest over open water.

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Suitable for most.

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Just for fun.


     I have had this boat for 2 years now and spent enough time in it to feel very comfortable and to have put it through its paces. I bought the kind that breaks into 2 pieces and have found it to be very simple to assemble (it takes me about 10 minutes). This was a good option for me as I did not have room for a 22' boat in my storage unit. Unfortunately, this option adds some weight to the boat. I like the boat's speed and tracking and have found it to be very seaworthy even in good swell. It is difficult to maneuver though--very rudder dependent. Still, I haven't found a tandem that I prefer so I give this boat high marks.

DK, via paddling.net