If you are after a real open water speed machine, then look no further than the Rapier Series. The Rapier 18 was conceived to fully comply with the United States Canoe Association sea kayak rules whilst the Rapier 20 held the Guinness World Record for crossing the English Channel as well as winning Britain’s toughest adventure race in the Outer Hebrides off the West coast of Scotland. Need we say more for the potential of the Rapier Series.

Available in 20 and 18.


Boat Spec


Rapier 18

Length: 17’ 11″(547cm)
Width: 21.5″ (55cm)
Depth: 15” (38cm)
Weight: 46lbs (21kg)

Load Suitability: N/A

Rapier 20

Length: 20’ (609cm)
Width: 17.75″ (45cm)
Depth: 14.25”(36cm)
Weight: 47lbs (21.5kg)

Load Suitability: N/A

* Weights stated are approximations for our standard Diolen construction, excluding hatch covers.